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Become an Instructor

Apply to become an instructor.

How to become an Instructor

Join today and start teaching! GreenBit Networks completes a vigorous application process for instructors to be sure that all students receive the best possible learning experience.


  1. Let us know you are interested and fill out this form.
  2. You will receive an email within 1 week with information on application process
    1. Submit resume
    2. Contact information
    3. Application form
  3. If approved with application process, you will move to the screening process
    1. Social media filtering
    2. Identity confirmation (picture, government issued ID)
  4. If screening process is cleared, you will be notified of an interview
    1. Interview will be completed via phone or video chat with one of our team recruiters, if instructor is located close to an office location, we may request an in-person interview.
    2. Interviews will be recorded in its entirety to be reviewed by hiring staff
  5. If interview process is approved, account will be set-up, attend online orientation for training.


Benefits to the Instructor

There are many great benefits to becoming an instructor. Get complimentary access to all GreenBit Network events including seminars, conferences, etc. 

Instructors can request a in-person class and hold a day long course or seminar at one of our office locations.

Instructors also have access to rent one of our recording facilities which includes all the required tools and equipment to create their class content.

Get paid to create courses and for each student that they obtain.**

** All courses are subject to review before posting and payment.

Don't pass up the opportunity to teach the next generation of STEM.

Fill this form to apply


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